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Sports Massage & Remedial Therapy

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Natasha has always been interested in the complexities of the human body, particularly that of movement and anatomy because of her years of dance training and physical performance. Massage seemed a logical path for her to take following her training as she understood the power of touch. She uses tactile cues to help clients learn about their own pro-preconception and delve deeper into understanding their own anatomy along with the natural rhythms of the body. Both highly enthusiastic and passionate about offering a sophisticated and compassionate package from assessment, delivery and rehabilitation. Her background has allowed me to assimilate and execute advanced soft tissue skills & implement rehabilitation programs where necessary with proficiency and ownership.


Sports Massage & Remedial Therapy:
Remedial Massage is a very thorough and precise all over Massage. It is designed to iron out any areas of tension or knots you may have. I will treat you head to toe finding and releasing tension as I go. It can also be a very targeted, focused session. For example a dedicated leg session or an upper body, shoulders and neck treatment. This option is ideal when you have specific concerns. The massage is inclusive of skills and techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy and dry needling.
Sports Massage techniques and pressure will alter depending on where the client is in their training program. Sports Massage is inclusive of recovery Massage after big events. Here the focus is on flushing and working through the muscles to improve recovery times. It utilises a lot more dynamic techniques such as stretching, MET and PNF. Active release techniques will also be used. The idea being that we can soften the muscles quickly and painlessly.The focus is geared towards general long strokes, stimulating blood flow. This also frees up any fibrous tension whilst simultaneous causing minimal pain.


Deep Tissue Massage: 
Deep tissue massage involves manipulation of the deep layers of tissue in the body, including the fascia and other supportive tissue that make up the muscles and joints. Compared to other popular massage techniques — including Swedish massage or acupressue, which tend to be lighter in pressure and can involve moving the body into certain positions — deep tissue massage is usually slower and firmer. 


Holistic Massage:
Holistic massage is a well-known treatment that not only focuses on tense muscles as a physical result of stress, but it also takes into account a client’s emotional and spiritual well-being.  It is an ancient method of healing that stimulates the blood circulation and clears the lymphatic drainage system which assists in releasing toxins from the body.  By recognizing that illness and stress affects not only one’s physical but also emotional, spiritual and mental well-being, Holistic Massage allows the body’s natural healing abilities to come forth and balance the entire body as a whole.  

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