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Shiatsu Massage

Giacomo Piazzalunga


60 Mins / £60

Giacomo is a professional Shiatsu practitioner, registered with the Federation of Holistic Therapists, UK (FHT). He received his accreditation from ‘La Fonte Shiatsu’ School (Bergamo, Italy).

Giacomo is constantly looking for new ways to connect and relate with the receiver, to provide the best treatment that will activate a healing response from the body and improve wellbeing. Giacomo has participated in a variety of community events in his hometown in Italy, as well as been giving treatments independently.


What is Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a Japanese physical therapy based on the principle of energy flow. Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’ and during the treatment, pressure is applied to specific points across the body to release the blockage in energy flow that can cause illness and pain.

Shiatsu can effectively treat and prevent a range of health problems as well as maintain good health.


Some benefits of Shiatsu:

promotes well being

promotes relaxation

improves sleep

supports the digestive system

improves circulation


Also can help relieve:

headaches and migraines


musculoskeletal problems

stress and anxiety

menstrual irregularities

pregnancy pains


£60 for 60 mins

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