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Shamanic Healing

Cat Stevens


90mins // £120.00 

Shamanic healing helps to bring us back into alignment by restoring energy and power to our inner spirit. Once the underlying energetic pattern causing disharmony is changed we can free ourselves from our stories, traumas and conditioning so that we can step into a new way of being. 


About Cat:

Cat is a Shamanic Practitioner who has undergone extensive training with indigenous shamans in Peru. She is a mesa carrier of the Andean Inka tradition. Cat is passionate about helping people to bring back balance and harmony into their energy bodies so they can feel whole and connected again. 

She is based in London and Essex.


Benefits of Shamanic Healing:

  • Feeling more grounded and better able to make decisions.

  • Increased vitality / life force energy

  • Greater ability to release addictions and maintain changes in life.

  • Strengthened immune system.

  • Ability to let go of deeply rooted patterns by getting to the root cause.

  • Healing of emotional traumas and conditioning.

  • Ability to move past issues that previously kept you feeling stuck.

  • Bring your intentions and goals into alignment.

  • Make more conscious and healthier choices.

  • Heal ancestral lineage and karmic ties.

  • Removal of heavy / dense energies to feel lighter.

  • Expanded sense of wholeness and wellbeing.

  • Enhanced ability to create desired life changes.

  • Deep sense of inner peace.   


90mins // £120.00


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