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Injury Management and Prevention

Initial 45 mins / £75

Physiotherapy is about using better movement and function to help you achieve your maximum potential, whatever your goal is – from training for a triathlon, to getting rid of this nagging shoulder pain at the gym or the constant neck pain you get at work.

At LDN PHYSIO, our medical, sports and scientific training experience allows us to treat a wide range of conditions, using treatment techniques cherry-picked just for you. We work with a wide range of clients, from busy professionals to athletes, from individuals to organisations. Your rehabilitation will be unique and tailored to you and your condition.

  • Injury diagnosis, management, treatment and rehabilitation
  • Injury and re-injury prevention
  • Gait analysis / running assessment and correction
  • Biomechanical and postural assessment and correction
  • Ergonomic assessment and set-up
  • Sports technique development
  • Performance development and optimisation
  • Pre- and post- operative management and rehabilitation
  • Pregnancy pain
  • Work related pain and injury, RSIs (repetitive strain injuries)
  • Chronic pain

Your initial consultation will normally take 45 minutes depending on the complexity of your problem. We’ll conduct a thorough clinical assessment to identify the source of your symptoms and come with a diagnosis. We’ll then explain the findings to you so that you get a full understanding of your problem and we’ll decide on a treatment plan together. Treatment will start in your initial session.

Follow-up consultations, if required, will be 30-45 minutes, again depending on the complexity of your problem.

At LDN PHYSIO, we’re trained and qualified in the use of a very broad range of treatment techniques, including:

  • Gym-based rehabilitation and progressive exercise plansJ
  • Joint manipulation and mobilisation
  • Acupuncture and dry needling
  • Sports massage
  • Soft tissue and myofascial release
  • Sports taping, kinesiology taping
  • Ergonomic analysis


Physio initial session* (45 mins) £75.00

Physio follow-up session (30-45 mins) £65.00

*ALL new clients must book an initial session for their first visit. We’ll discuss whether you need to book follow-up sessions at the end of your initial appointment. It’s advisable to bring/wear comfortable sports clothes such as shorts and a vest top, so that we can thoroughly assess the area(s) of your injury.

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Jonathan Sumner

Jonny is a Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with a wealth of knowledge across a broad range of specialist clinics treating all pain conditions.   Whether you have a sporting injury and want to return to elite sports or your aim is to get your life back from years of chronic pain, Jonny will help you achieve your goals.   As a Sports Physiotherapist for a Premier League football academy in addition to his Diploma in Football Medicine (DipFIFA) Jonny uses advanced skills in manual therapy, sports taping and acupuncture along-side creativity in prescribing concise, tailor-made strength & conditioning programs. Jonny’s knowledge expands far wider than football as he was a chosen Physiotherapist for the IAAF World Athletic Championships 2017 in London.


Nicolas Colombo

Trained in London, Nic has been working as a Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist both in busy NHS hospitals and privately.   Before specialising, he gained experience in various different settings, from neuro physiotherapy and stroke patients to sports medicine and athletes. This allows him to use a wide variety of techniques and skills tailored to the situation, the individual and their goals.   He is also the founder of an educational project for newly-qualified physiotherapists, and his passion for teaching is expressed through his sessions, as he strongly believes we must understand how our body works to perform at our best.


Mani Matharu

Mani is a senior musculoskeletal physiotherapist working in North East London. His work across different NHS trusts and specialities has enabled him to grow his experience in treating patients with varying conditions.   His special interests include nutrition, return to sports and calisthenics.   Prior to entering the world of physiotherapy, Mani studied Neuroscience where he was passionate about neural plasticity, motor imagery and neurodegenerative disorders. He feels that his extensive research into sleep, stress and motivation play a large part in the rehabilitating patients back to full fitness. 

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