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Tessa Creagh-Barry

Bodywork & Energywork

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During treatments Tessa creates a calm and soothing space for you to completely relax and release. She uses a range of bodywork techniques such as deep tissue, therapeutic touch, joint mobilisation, myofascial release and trigger points as well as breath and energy work to allow you to tap into your own body – ultimately steering you towards mental and physical alignment. Put simply, her treatments will focus on you fully inhabiting your body. Each session is tailored to your own personal needs, be it physical, emotional or energetic and she creates a protected, sacred space for you to receive caring and nurturing touch.

Tessa’s treatments can be an opportunity for you to experience deep physical release, mind-body connection, body awareness, mental clarity, to simply switch off from your busy life or even to address and release stored emotions.

Whatsapp: 07766175611


Insta: tessacreaghbarry

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