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My work is inspired by the happy marriage of ancient wisdom and modern nutritional science. My objective is to work with the root of each individual, and together allow your mind and body to work in harmony.

I don’t use the term ‘diet’, nor do I promote fads and trends. I work holistically with an emphasis on self-love empowerment and healing through food. I look at YOU. Who YOU are. What YOU’RE feeding, how and why. I look at the whole picture, including every system in your body, your emotions, exercise, digestion, current lifestyle, and history with food on a physical, mental, social, and emotional level.

I work on treating diseases and imbalances in the body, including: stress, anxiety, depression, gut issues – IBS, digestive disorders, menstrual issues, headaches, infertility problems, allergies and intolerances, strong cravings, low immune problems, PCOS, skin problems, kidney and bladder problems and weight management to name a few.


There can be many routes available to find our quest for a fulfilling life. As a human being we are multi-dimensional: a body, a mind, an emotional being with feelings and needs, a soul or spirit and an open system in which all parts of you are connected.

I empower and guide you to step freely into your power and your purpose for a more fulfilling and powerful life.

My creative and intuitive approach is highly effective, promoting authentic change and growth from the root of any issue. I help you to explore your subconscious in a light and playful way, and build on your ability to see things differently, leading to a new perspective and state of peace.


Relationships with Food

Finding Love and Self-love

Boosting your Career

Body Positivity

Overcoming Fears

Finding and Living your Purpose

Freeing from Stress

These sessions work on your will, freeing it and ensuring it is aligned with your purpose, direct your goals and passions, affirm your uniqueness and build on your power. You’ll feel more in control of your life, more balanced and more rooted.

– 90 minute nutrition initial consultation £120
– 60 minute follow up consultation £75
– 90 minute Life Coaching initial consultation £90
– 60 minute Life Coaching consultation £90
– 60 minute Reiki session £60

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