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Catherine Stevens


90mins // £150.00 

About Catherine:

Cat is a Healing Arts Practitioner who helps you bring harmony to your inner landscape and to come back into greater connection with the natural world in which you are interwoven. Cat is passionate about helping you bring harmony back into your body so you can feel a deeper presence in the world.

Cat’s 1-1 healing sessions are informed by her extensive training in Andean Spirituality, Somatics, Trauma Resolution, and Embodied Sexuality, her ancestral lineage as well as her own life experience and intuitive gifts. Her sessions provide a place to explore your somatic landscape with attuned care and compassion. A space is created that encourages enough curiosity for the body to feel safe and to be met in its multidimensionality through gentle inquiry.

The intention is to meet and metabolise trauma imprints, unresolved patterns of the nervous system, and unmet needs including ancestral, past-life, interpersonal, inner child, and soul, whilst deepening your connection with your spirit and ancestral allies. Through expanded awareness and capacity a deeper embodiment of self and spirit is attainable.

The blessings are multiple…

  • Nervous system can be restored to a state of balance and harmonic flow.
  • Digesting and composting of unmetabolised trauma imprints.
  • Boundaries can be repaired and restored so that a healthier felt sense of yes and no can be accessible and trusted in your body.
  • Meeting of the double binds that keep the body looping in fear patterns in order to grow in compassion and self-care.
  • Enhanced intuition and a deeper trust in this ability can be cultivated.
  • Awakening, developing, and enhancing your natural psychic senses and abilities.
  • Increased capacity to receive ancestral and universal blessings.
  • Transformation of resistance into resilience
  • Acceptance and integration of the exiled parts that have been pushed away for survival.
  • Moving out of threat responses and into a deeper connection with the wider living system of the world.
  • A deeper allowance for true rest and recuperation can be developed so that exhaustion can be reduced.
  • Development of a stronger sense of self who has a more connected feeling of belonging in the world.
  • Greater ability to transform compulsive behaviours and maintain changes in life.
  • Feeling vitality and connection around people, rather than feeling drained.
  • No longer enduring and tolerating what is not in alignment with you.
  • Opening up to deeper and more grounded intimacy with self and others.
  • A more grounded will to be and not just do may be cultivated.
  • A sense of more fully landing here on earth.
  • More naturally accessing the innate healing capacity of the body.


90mins // £150.00

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