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Cranio-Sacral Therapy & Reflexology

Simon Baker

Cranio-Sacral Therapy & Reflexology

60 mins / £70

Simon had worked for more than 15 years in the music industry as a producer and DJ before turning to Craniosacral Therapy to help treat his own tinnitus. In what proved to be a life changing experience, Simon soon discovered the ringing in his ears wasn’t just from the continual noise but mostly down to stress and the anxiety caused by his lifestyle. With a renewed outlook on life that included yoga, meditation and mindfulness, he decided he wanted to help others and went on to study and graduate from the College Of Craniosacral Therapy in London. More recently Simon qualified from the London School of Reflexology so now practices both treatments which can also be combined. (Amazing!)


Craniosacal or Reflexology (or combined) 

60 mins: £70 

90 mins : £100


Tinnitus Therapy: (Minimum 5 sessions recommended – see tinnitus therapy page on website)

Tinnitus Care Plan (Block of 5 sessions including consultation – £370) 

(Tinnitus Therapy – Providing Body-based focusing, techniques and coping strategies, helping your fears and find reassurance and answers to your questions as well as lifestyle advice on what activities help with on going support)

Or pay Individually

Consultation session – 75 mins – £90

Follow ups – 60 mins – £70 


Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, yet profound, holistic treatment intended to relieve stress, anxiety trauma, pain, tensions and restrictions in the body. Through light touch, Craniosacral Therapy triggers an individual’s self-healing mechanism to help reunite the mind and body, to restore harmony, vitality and balance.


Reflexology aims to bring about homeostasis balance, by improving vascular circulation and nerve flow, clearing blocked energy channels, relieving physical pain and stress, boosting the immune system, increasing serotonin and dopamine levels and leaving you feeling completely relaxed, calm and at peace.



Simon works holistically, addressing symptoms and conditions of the human body, both physical or emotional, from babies to adults. He specialises in tinnitus therapy, as well as stress, anxiety, shock and trauma but treats and helps many other conditions.



“My work is quite simply about creating a protected and safe environment in which I help my clients tap into their natural healing processes. Craniosacral Therapy (and Reflexology) are both gentle yet powerful therapies that give people the opportunity to deeply relax, find inner peace and restore. Through touch, I look to identify areas of stress or tension to help people walk away feeling rebalanced and in harmony with their mind and body.”


He is a member of the Craniosacral Therapy Association and abides by their strict code of ethics.


More information on what these treatments can help with as well as what to expect from Craniosacral Therapy, Tinnitus Therapy or Reflexology can be found on his website. To book or get in touch email, call or text.


Mobile: 07739340201  


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