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Clara Baker


60mins / £70

Clara Baker (MAcS) 

Clara is a London based Acupuncturist, experienced in treating a range of conditions including: musculoskeletal pain, stress, anxiety, digestive problems, sleep problems, menstrual issues and headaches. She specialises in Advanced Cosmetic Acupuncture techniques including integration of LED light therapy and Medical Micro Needling. 

Clara began her Acupuncture studies in 2012, and has trained in several forms of acupuncture including Master Tung, Classical Channel Theory, Japanese, Korean and Modern Microsystems. This breadth of knowledge enables her to provide individualised treatments that are efficient and effective, bringing balance on a mental, emotional and physical level. 

Cosmetic Acupuncture 

Clara specialises in Advanced Cosmetic Acupuncture and has pioneered new ways to work with the face, previously unused in Europe. Her approach is result-oriented and includes the integration of both Chinese Medicine and modern techniques such as LED light therapy, electro stimulation and Medical Micro-Needling. Each treatment is specifically designed to address the concerns of the patient and will include the treatment of any issues that may affect the appearance of the face, such as problems with digestion or sleep. 


Cosmetic Acupuncture works on three levels of the face; at the muscle layer to tone and lift muscle tissues that have sagged with age, or release tension which has created furrows or pain. At the skin layer to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, preventing or reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. At the Qi and blood level to increase circulation to the dermis and epidermis, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin.



Acupuncture £70 for 60mins 

Pre pay course of 5 treatments £300 

Cosmetic Acupuncture £95 for 75mins 

Pre pay course of 6 treatments £520 

Cosmetic Acupuncture with LED Light Therapy £130 for 90mins

Pre Pre pay course of 6 treatments £750 


Clara works at the Refinery on Saturdays, but maybe available at other times. Please contact her if you would like to make an appointment


To find out more about her work visit her website and instagram claralouisebaker 

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