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Michelle is a certified Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage therapist and Sound Therapist.
 Fascinated with healing frequencies, personal transformation and optimal wellbeing; she uses a blend of sound, scents and lighting as part of her holistic approach to create the ultimate relaxing experience. Michelle trained in Spain with Harmonic Sounds (Michele Averard & Nestor Kornblum), in Bali with the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Institute and in London with Kerala born Dr Anil Alexander founder of Soukia Ayurveda (Healing Sparsh).

“Reaching ones potential is more likely when we are good to our bodies and minds.


Traditional Ayurvedic Massage

60 mins £65 / 90 mins £90

A holistic & rejuvenating full body massage with warm Ayurvedic herbal oils and calamus  powder. This is good for reducing mental tension, aches and pains. This rhythmic massage uses a variety of techniques, including marma point massage (vital energy centres) & Indian head massage to stimulate and enhance skin tone, detoxify and revitalise your entire body so to induce deep relaxation. 

Firm and deep whilst incredibly relaxing and nourishing.


Benefits include:

  •  Strengthening the nervous system

  •  Improved circulation

  •  Lubrication of the joints

  •  Improved lymph flow

  •  Detoxification

  • Softer, smoother skin

  • Endorphin & Serotonin release

  • Muscle toning

  • Relaxation


Sound Therapy / Sound Massage 

60 mins £65 / 60 mins Ayurvedic Massage & 30 mins Sound Therapy £90


Michelle uses Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, voice and various other therapeutic instruments during a sound therapy treatment to restore balance in the body and encourage deep relaxation.

The subtle vibrations can be very precisely directed by placing the singing bowls/tuning forks on or near a tensed or blocked area of the client’s body. The bowls are struck with a felt mallet creating vibration which leads to first loosening the stagnant energy and then helps it to be rearranged.

The rich overtones take you into a very deep place inside yourself– from there clarity  & insight may appear in the way of realisations or seeing solutions about long-held problems which may come as a flash of an image into your mind.


It is now widely accepted that most illness is stress related. Therefore treatment methodologies that promote relaxation and help reduce stress can be a very effective way to prevent and treat illness.

It also enables an individual to relax deeply, achieving an altered state of consciousness which triggers the bodies healing response.

Sound Therapy is based on the principal of “sympathetic resonance”.

Resonance is the vibratory rate of an object and sympathetic resonance is when one vibrating object causes another to vibrate in harmony with it, or match it’s rate of vibration.


Benefits include:

  • Deep relaxation

  •  Mental clarity

  • Alleviating physical pain, e.g. joints, sciatica, digestive, headache and migraines, damaged discs, backache, abdomen, bad circulation 

  • Increasing the harmonious functioning of cells, tissues and organs 

  • Relieving of tension and blockages

  • Releasing of toxins from the body

  • Releasing of mental and emotional pains: low self-esteem, worries, fears, anxiety and depression

  • Increasing self-confidence, creative and productive potential

  • Transmute stagnant or negative energies

  •  Endorphin & Serotonin release

  • Breakthrough patterns

  • Balancing chakras


Sound Therapy Soma Board 

30 mins £40 / 60 mins Ayurvedic Massage & 30 mins Sound Therapy £90


The Vibrasonix Soma board supports and guides the body into symmetry and balance whilst inducing a deep state of relaxation which triggers the bodies own healing response. This is the same as a deep conscious sleep state, such as Yoga Nidra/meditation through which the speed of neuro receptors slow down.

During a Vibrasonix sound therapy session, you’ll be given headphones and asked to lie down on the board while you enjoy your choice of healing tones as well as a hand and foot massage (optional).

The equal pressure of the board along the spine is enough to create the effect where the central nervous system can relax the muscles around the ligaments.

At a deeper level, by supporting & relaxing the spine, central nervous system and endocrine system, it helps take the user into a state of homeostatic balance, where real self-healing takes place.

The human body is over 70% water. Sound travels five times more efficiently through water than air so sound frequency stimulation directly into the body is highly efficient for total body stimulation, especially at a cellular level. It supports physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 

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