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All of my treatments combine the healing philosophies of the East with clinically tested massage techniques from the West to treat you, holistically.


“This lady has magic hands! I have been to her multiple times for different reasons (intense hip pain / stiff shoulders & back from repetitive carrying heavy items / in need of a relaxing holistic massage) every time I leave feeling like a completely different person. Jessie really hears what you are saying and what your body needs and I always feel in the best of care. She is fab!” – Annelies Henny Peek


I work closely with my clients to identify the right treatment, I draw from a range of techniques to create a bespoke plan to meet your desired achievable goals. Often clients need to restore balance after burnout from overwork and stress, improve performance, aid recovery from injury, relieve chronic pain, or concentrate on general well being.


Holistic Clinical Massage. 

If you are in need of pain relief or you feel that your body is feeling stuck due to niggles, injury or reduced performance, a remedial massage would be perfect for you.


“Jessie is a wonder! I injured my neck during theatre rehearsals and needed urgent help in the run-up to our play. Jessie was brilliant at listening, locating the source of the pain, explaining her method and relieved me of the pain in 3-4 sessions. It’s a very special treatment and I walked out with a big smile on my face every single time. Highly recommended!” – Atilla Akinci 


Our goal with this massage is to manage your pain and improve your ease of movement within 1-6 treatments.


The first treatment includes a free 30min in-depth consultation and assessment to identify the right treatment plan. In the treatment itself, I weave Amma, myofascial release, trigger point and advanced stretching techniques amongst flowing deep tissue to get to the heart of relieving pain, improving range of motion and attending to your well-being. I will also give you some Self-Care Exercises to aid your recovery. 


In follow up treatments we will monitor and build on the last treatment to get to the origin of the pain to ensure long-lasting results.


First treatment 90mins (30 min free assessment and consultation). All follow up treatments are 60 mins.



If you have recently had an operation and would like support to promote optimal healing in and around the Scar or you have a new or old scar that feels some or all of the following -tight, ridgid, causing discomfort, has lumps, bump and dips, hypersensitive, itchy or numb. ScarWork would be perfect for you.


ScarWork is a specialist manual therapy developed by Sharon Wheeler for over 40 years.  The aim of ScarWork is to improve feeling and functionality in the scar and the surrounding tissue. The benefits of ScarWork can help loosen and release tight scars, reduce pain, normalise sensitivity and optimise healing. Supportive for new and old scars from surgery, injury or burns. It is a light touch, non painful therapy that stimulates the lymphatic, circulatory and nervous system to promote renewed healing, tissue health and promote ease in movement between the layers of skin, muscle and fascia. Whilst the emphasis is on the internal changes, visually, the cosmetic look of the Scar can appear smaller or lighter in colour.


When can I start ScarWork? 

Therapy is suitable for any scars from 8-10 weeks post injury/surgery if there are no healing complications (e.g. infection, swelling) and the scar is fully healed. If client’s treatment involved radiotherapy then it is advised to wait for 3-6 months and obtain consultant’s permission. ScarWork is not advised for pregnant women.


Is my Scar suitable for ScarWork? 

All kinds of scars from very old to newly healed (once you have been discharged by your doctor) can be treated using ScarWork. They could be the result of an accident, operation or cosmetic surgery, such as:

Knee replacement

Hip replacement

Skin grafts

Facial scarring

Shoulder surgery

Wrist surgery

Foot surgery

Abdominal surgery

Appendix removal

Gall bladder removal

C- section


Breast surgery

Open heart surgery

Spinal surgery

Achilles tendon surgery

Childhood injury

Portacath & tube/drain sites

Tummy tuck surgeries


and many more…


How many sessions should I expect to have? 

This depends on the complexity of the scar. Generally speaking 4-8 sessions are recommended to achieve lasting results but it is worth mentioning that clients usually feel the benefits already after their first treatment with scar much softer, looser, also reduced pain and sensitivity.


Deep Tissue Massage

Due to the stresses and strains of life in the twenty first century you may have chronic aches and pains in certain areas such as a stiff neck, in your upper or lower back, you may have leg muscle tightness and /or sore shoulders if so, then I recommend my Deep Tissue Massage. I will apply firm pressure in slow strokes to reach the deeper layers of fascia and muscle tissue to ease tensions and pains.


Pregnancy Massage

In pregnancy the body goes through some mighty changes, physically and emotionally, you may have trouble sleeping, mood swings and back pains. My Pregnancy Massage offers you a natural way of easing any uncomfortability to make you feel more at home in your body and give you some well deserved ‘pamper time’.


Our goal is to care for you and your baby’s well being. We will modify the treatment depending on your needs in each trimester from a carefully tailored treatment plan.


I offer a holistic treatment which will help you to feel relaxed, reduce the strain on your body, ease aches and pains and help you to release ‘happy Hormones’.


Holistic Massage

If you are looking for a massage which will allow your body, mind and soul to have the space it needs to relax and breathe, then my Holistic Massage may be the one for you.

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