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Deep Tissue and Sports Massage


Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

60 mins / £65


Sadie retrained as a Deep tissue & Sports Massage Therapist in 2016 after over a decade of working in the offices of particularly demanding businesses. Seeing the impact of long working hours, high-stress environments and a lack of time for self-care on so many of her colleagues, Sadie was keen to learn the how to help and enable healthier and happier bodies through rehabilitation, mobilisation and relaxation techniques. Since then she has also received her Pilates Teacher training qualification to gain a deeper understanding of how to build a strong and resilient body through breath, concentration, centring and movement.


Sadie works closely with her clients to identify the right treatment for them; her expertise includes remedial massage for pain relief and improved range of movement, restoring equilibrium following burn out and stress, improving performance and aiding recovery from injury, or simply concentrating on general well-being.

Each personally adapted massage weaves myofascial release, trigger point and advanced stretching techniques with deep tissue manipulation. Deeper pressure can be applied to target certain problem areas such as a stiff neck and shoulders, lower back pain or any area that have greater muscle tightness. Firm pressure will be applied in slow strokes to reach the deeper layers of fascia and muscle tissue to ease the tension. 

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