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Jodie Abrahams


Jodie Abrahams is a nutritional therapist who takes a science-based, holistic approach to women’s health. Jodie works with you to find a way of eating that suits your individual biology, lifestyle and goals so you get results by making sustainable, realistic changes.

Jodie’s consultation process is geared to exploring your personal health story, how the systems in your body function, your lifestyle, how you relax and nurture your self and which foods best nourish and sustain you. This results in nutrition and lifestyle plans that are tailor made and personal to you.

With an emphasis on education, Jodie’s consultations will help you understand the reasons for the changes she recommends so you feel empowered and motivated to make meaningful and effective shifts.

See for more information and email to book a consultation. Jodie also offers a free 15 minute phone call to discuss your needs and the consultation plan that would best suit you.

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