What is it about complementary therapies that provide such enormous benefit to many? Is it the simple time out? Is it the gentle touch on the energetic system that brings in healing or balancing of the natural body systems? Or is it the ability to reach an inner peace that helps the body to heal physical ailments and cope with the challenges of every day life?  For a small investment of time and money Refinery Taster Sessions are a great way to find out more about the different Holistic Therapies that are available at the studio.


Our talented team of Therapists will be offering a different taster treatment on the first weekend of every month – think Sound Therapy, Massage, Facials, Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Shamanic Healing and more.


Saturday 13th October // 10.00am-14:30pm // The Refinery

Shiatsu Massage Taster Day with Giacomo
£30 // 25 Minutes


Shiatsu is a Japanese energy-based type of bodywork. The word shiatsu literally means ‘finger pressure’ (Shi=press and Atsu=finger). Its origin is in ancient philosophic oriental traditions and in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The principle of shiatsu is related to the energy flow (Ki or Qi), through the body. According to shiatsu principle, disruption to this energy flow can cause illness and disease. Shiatsu claims to free blockages to the Ki flow, and restore energy to areas where it is low, by pressing on points on the body along the lines of energy called meridian channels.


Shiatsu can effectively treat a range of muscolo-skeletal and stress-related problems, can maintain good health and also help prevent many types of health problem from arising.
Using fingers, hands, elbows and sometimes feet, pressing the body of the receiver, the practitioner stimulates the circulation of the Ki, helps to release toxins and tension from muscles, and stimulates the hormonal system, helping the body heal itself.


Bookings & More Info – please contact Giacomo: giacomo.shiatsu@gmail.com