When we talk about exercise more often than not we think about moving our bodies. Of course there are hundreds of benefits that exercise brings to your body; increased energy, strength, stamina, flexibility, weight loss, detoxification, hormone balance & a whole lot more! The benefits that exercise brings to your mind are just as important. Stress relief, calmness, positivity, perspective, optimism, relaxation, clarity & vitality of the mind.


There was a culture where exercise was all about weight loss, punishment and restriction. Thankfully we are moving out of that mindset and paying more attention to how exercise makes us feel, and slowly there’s a shift in awareness, focusing on how it effects our moods and how our ‘minds’ feel. We want you to move your body because of all of the positive benefits its brings to both your mental and physical bodies. The aim of all our classes is for you to FEEL AMAZING in mind, body and soul. If today, you need a slow yoga and meditation class then that is what you need, maybe tomorrow you’ll sweat it out in a hard core cardio! Becoming aware of your needs and listening to them can have a huge impact on how good you will feel. If you’re already exhausted & burnt out, hitting a HiiT class won’t serve you quite so well as you will completely exhaust yourself. Equally, if you have lots of energy & excitement you might not quite fancy a restorative yoga – you’ll need a place to go and exert that energy, so book into one of our HiiT classes.


Move a little slower & a little more gently through your days, respecting and listening to what your body needs.