Barre + Body Conditioning – Alicia Morgan

Such a great workout, the best Barre class I have done. Amazing instructor with amazing music. Highly recommend

Fusion @ Haus of Barre9 – Alicia Morgan

Really good work out – I’m a beginner and found the moves easy to understand and follow. A good energy class, I will feel it tomorrow !



Lucy Alderman 

HIIT the Barre – Lucy Alderman

Really high energy class. Lucy was fun and encouraging. Would definitely go again.



Frankie Taylor 

80’s Beach Barre – Loved this class! Super Fun and quite tough.

Frankie is great!! She actually times the exercise moves to the music unlike alotttttt of ClassPass instructors. She has such good energy! #frankieforpresident Frankie is great!! 


Rosie Dwyer 

Mattitude – Dynamic Pilates – Rosie Dwyer

Rosie is wonderful, super lovely energy and the class is great. She warms up the group carefully and then turns up the challenge as the class goes on!

Mattitude – Dynamic Pilates – Rosie Dwyer

Rosie is so lovely & supportive!


Isis Rose

Dynamic Pilates 

Loved this class. Isis was super attentive, she’d come and push me if she knew I wasn’t stretching as far as I could – which I need! Tough class but would definitely recommend