F is for … facials, oh and boy do we have the best facialist in town. 

Katie of re:lax is a skincare therapist and nutritionist. Having had problematic skin herself, she has made it her mission to make beautiful, clear skin accessible to everyone by helping clients better understand what is happening internally and providing methods to achieve optimum health naturally, both inside and out.


There are a whole myriad of reasons why our skin may be misbehaving, diet, stress and lifestyle all greatly affecting the quality of our skin. Facials are an incredibly relaxing treatment and will therefore reduce stress. Having regular treatments will mean that your skin is kept clean, clear and toned. It’s recommended to have one every month as that’s how long it takes your skin to move through the full cycle of skin cell growth and exfoliation. 


Bespoke facials at The Refinery. 

The treatment consists of a double cleanse, a facial steam with a foot massage, a scrub, a mask or two accompanied by massage around the chest, neck, arms, shoulders and head, facial massage which is great for skin cell regeneration, toning and collagen production, serum, moisturiser and lip balm to finish. 

All products are selected to suit the clients needs – Katie works with British, natural brands Skin+Tonic, Haeckels and Pai which are all formulated to detoxify and cleanse without stripping the skin so clients are left with a clear, glowing and healthy complexion after a treatment.


“As a skincare specialist, I believe that everyone should have the tools and knowledge to understand what is happening with their skin, their bodies, and how to achieve optimal health both inside and out” 


Katie is also a registered nutritionist, working with clients to heal their skin from the outside in.

She offers full nutritional consultations along with a full skin recovery programme. 

The Skin Recovery Programme has been designed to give the client a manageable and time specific plan to recover their glowing, healthy skin. In this 3 month program I will work closely with the client to address the root cause of their skin concerns and by using my three pronged approach of nutrition, lifestyle and skincare we will work together to promote optimum health both inside and out. 


Book via email: info@therefinerye9.com or to Katie directly info@relax-ldn.com