A Barre Studio & Classes for Everyone, in Hackney, East London

Set the Barre high and embrace a new approach to fitness which connects mental focus with strength, stability, and focus. 

The Refinery are a Yoga, Studio in Hackney, the heart of East London.

Think ballet class… for adults – using the bar as the core workout tool which builds, tones, shapes, and flexes muscles that you didn’t even know you had.


What’s it all about?

Did you ever wonder how ballerinas get to be strong enough to hold their body in position for whole minutes? 

Derived from classical ballet classes, and with the same focus and drive, our Barre workouts build strength by targeting every muscle in the body. While traditional workout and fitness classes focus on specific areas for toning and muscle building, Barre embodies an all-in-one approach. What’s more, it genuinely make you feel like your body has worked hard – giving you that sense of achievement at the end of each class. 

Barre focuses on exercises which are performed – you guessed it – using or holding onto the studio bar. 

By delivering each movement with refined focus, Barre not only engages the core muscles but forces you to exert complete control. And while our Barre for beginners deals with the basics of identifying movements and connecting them, for more advanced members we deliver workout routines which challenge strength and flexibility as well as control and finesse. 

The Refinery

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Who’s it for?

Through Barre classes under the guidance of our instructors, you will become stronger, fitter, toned, and focussed. Everything from your endurance to your rhythm will be put to the test, engaging parts of the body you didn’t know existed.

Best of all, Barre is for everyone – regardless of dance ability or fitness. It’s an all-in-one approach to exercise which requires as much mental focus as physical stability. And here at The Refinery, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to get on board and try it for yourself. 

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If you’re looking to enhance your workout plan and fitness journey with something innovative and fun, then look no further. Barre is the latest exercise plan which connects cardio with strength training, poise, and focus. And whether you’re a former ballerina or haven’t stepped foot in a studio since you were 5, it has the power to unlock physical ability you didn’t know you were capable of. 

Sign up for one of our classes and learn how to channel your energy into a truly challenging but rewarding class. Our Barre sessions are available for all levels and abilities. 

Located at our studio in Hackney, East London. 

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