Connect with yourself, connect with others and connect with the universe. 

Feeling close and valued by people around us is a basic human need. Social interactions are so important for our wellbeing. Get out there, see some friends, go for a walk, pick up the phone rather than text. Connect.  



Regular exercise is associated with lower levels of depression and anxiety. 

Moving your body releases hormones that make you feel fabulous! 

We all know that after class glow?? 

If you don’t fancy anything too intense, you’ll still reap the benefits. A gentle stretch,a slow flowing Yoga class or a walk will still have you feeling great. 




Studies have shown that being aware and present to what is happening around us enhances your well being. Notice the birds in the sky, become aware of your emotions, how are you feeling today? Being present and in the moment improves your self-understanding. The more you are aware of your being, the more aware you are of your actions and your choices. 




Have you noticed how it feels to learn?  It’s amazing! It improves our self esteem, confidence and with that lowers levels of anxiety and depression. Learning something knew is also vital for our brain health. We continue to make new pathways that keep our minds alive! 

It doesn’t have to be something heavy. Read a book, sign up for an evening class, go to the museum, research a subject you have always wondered about. 




Practicing gratitude has such a positive effect on our wellbeing. 

It makes you appreciate what you have rather than what you don’t have. It shifts our focus to all of the wonderful things that surround us. Studies have linked gratitude with the satisfaction of life. People who practice gratitude are far more satisfied with the life they lead. Gratitude also makes you happier – you will have a much easier day when you feel the appreciation for what you have around you. 

Start with the small stuff… the air that you breathe, your heart that beats for you, your legs that carry you.