In this post we’ll show you the benefits of watermelon and the long lasting and beneficial effects it has on our health that you probably weren’t aware of:


1. Keeps you hydrated

watermelon is 92% water.


2. Contains antioxidants 


3. Anti-inflammatory

Watermelon contains amino acids L-arginine and L-citrulline which are powerful anti-inflammatories. Watermelon is a great summer anti-inflammatory to keep the body cool and inflammation free! 


4. Balances the pH of the body 

Watermelon is an alkaline food. The modern diet is filled with lots of acidic foods so having watermelon will help to neutralise these levels 


5. It’s good for your gut 

Many people forget to drink enough water and this turns your body into a mild dehydration. You may not really  notice it too much but fatigue and slow digestion are 2 of the symptoms. The digestive system needs water and fibre to digest food properly. Watermelon is filled with both making it a great digestive aid.