We’re all on a mission to reduce and eliminate plastic from our lives, in order to make this happen we’ve found that the best places to start when going plastic free are in the kitchen and bathroom. Here are some of our favourite swaps… 

1. Plastic free soap bar
Swapping your plastic bottle of soap for a natural bar of soap is a great place to start. Not only do we eliminate plastic here but you will have a bar of soap that lasts a whole lot longer & is kinder to your skin. 
Some great companies : 

  • London fields soap company 

  • Bean & Boy 

  • Honest Skincare 


2. Reusable face cloths  
Ditch the face wipes and cotton pads and get yourself some reusables. Store them in a little jar in your bathroom and pop them into a muslin bag whenever they need a wash so you don’t loose any of them! There are so many amazing independent makers on Instagram and Etsy making beautiful products. 


3. Double edge safety razor
Reusable alternatives to to plastic disposable razors. Plastic takes around 1000 years to degrade. Think about all of the razors you’ve had in your life time, they are still sat somewhere and will be for many years to come. Making this simple swap eliminates the waste.  There are lots of brands out there but so far we’ve tried Naked Necessities and Mutiny and love them both. Use a soap bar as your foam with a shaving brush to lather up and off you go!