The Refinery School of Yoga opens its doors on 9th June. ​We are a fully ​accredited Yoga Alliance 200 hour programme that will empower students to deliver authentic classes, while still demonstrating their individuality. The course is directed by Refinery founder Zoe Bertali E-RYT, and she will be joined by some fabulous experts in their fields!


Meet our teachers….

Zoe fell in love with yoga over 18 years ago when she discovered the powerful effects of Vinyasa Flow – loving the breath work and creative sequences. She embarked on the path to teach yoga and eventually made the leap out of the world of Sales & Marketing to co-found The Refinery. She is the Course Director for the Teacher Training and will be the lead trainer. Her ethos is around accessibility and believes yoga is for everybody. Her style is very inclusive and not ernest, as much of the yoga world can be. Her classes are fun, upbeat and will normally include a nod to the 90s (her second love is for Djing……albeit badly!!!)

Wonderful Ellie, is one of the lead teachers on our Teacher Training. She is a Forrest, Vinyasa, Restorative and Yoga Nidra teacher. Ellie is extremely passionate and loves how yoga can change our outlook on daily life, leaving us stronger, happier and more connected to our true selves.
She has an infectious warm, grounded and inclusive attitude, striving to make everyone in the class feel welcome and comfortable before, during and after practice. Encouraging a non-competitive nature, playfulness and exploration within each movement and breath Ellie is known for her long holds and hands on assists.

Jambo is leading our Anatomy Module and is a multi-disciplinary practitioner with a degree in Complementary Medicine and post-graduate education in East Asian Medicine & Ayurveda. He is one of the few chosen Guardians, personally invited by Ana Forrest to hold the legacy of Forrest Yoga. He is a neuro-muscular Bodyworker and has created his own system of understanding muscle testing. He has co-created an internationally high in demand 10 Day Yoga Bodyworkers program that also brings in the concepts of fascia and tensegrity.
Jambo has been involved in research around Well-Being & Complexities Studies with University Northumbria, Newcastle Upon Tyne & Cape Town. In between travelling and teaching internationally, he can often be found reading the latest research relating to yoga and movement.
He has spent the past 16 years specialising in addiction, trauma and chronic pain.

Leo will lead our Meditation module. His work in making meditation and sound baths accessible to all has gained him global recognition as a leading voice in the wellness movement. Leo’s early years were spent between Switzerland and Asia, where he was exposed to a culture which has discreetly shaped his path. Passionate about art, music, and therapy, he went on to study composition, singing, yoga+meditation around the world, and in London where he now resides with his wife Sara.
Leo has helped thousands of people transform their lives through a combination of sound, yogic mindfulness and breath work; a behaviour changing formula which helped eradicate the acute anxiety he suffered from early childhood. He now spends most of his time sharing those very tools and techniques with groups, individuals and businesses both all over the UK and worldwide.

Andy ​
Amazing Andy….As a tiny-Latina, she backflipped her way around the world with Argentina’s gymnastics team, before settling in London 15 years ago. She’s been practicing yoga ever since! She will be joining us on the Teacher Training to bring her expertise in Yin and Inversions. Andy’s classes focus on the use of breath and body alignment, but mainly aim to be fun, enjoyable and help you get to know your body.

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